I am Marjo. I think it is mindbogglingly amazing that we happen to live on a unique small planet that just happens to be just right distance from that star we call the sun, that just happens to be protected from harmful solar radiation by a magnetic field, and that is kept just the right temperature by a thin insulating atmosphere, and that just so happens to have the precisely right chemical ingredients of carbon and water, for life to be possible. To have the opportunity to be a part of this life, to sense life, and exist amongst flora and fauna, on this tiny blue and green dot in an infinite universe, it is the greatest of privileges one we simply must protect for all future generations. Yes, I am saddened that in a time that all of us has access to the scientifically proven data that we are quickly and irrevocable destroying those delicate Goldilocks conditions that make life on our planet possible. While I am here, I want to bear witness, tough my photography, to the wonders of life. This is what I care about most. And while its not the only thing I care about, or the only thing I photograph – I also enjoy creative art, design, play and expression in many different forms and of many different subjects, and I don’t like to be pinned down to do or be just one thing – at the core, more than anything, I am a environmental conservation photographer.