Living on a small island at the water edge, climate change isn’t an abstract concept. The abnormal and exponentially increasing temperature of the atmosphere changing the climate regulating systems of our earth is leading to phenomena that that is very real and tangible to us. We live in the path of ever stronger and more frequent hurricanes, fish, swim and dive on reefs that we see bleaching and dying from abnormally high water temperatures, experience ever more frequent and longer periods of droughts etc One way we can try to do our part to minimize our personal and communities carbon footprint is to consume less foods that have been shipped in or flown into the territory and eating more locally produced food. Not only is it good for the climate, it also supports our farmers and our overall local economy. And locally grown and harvested food is of course fresher and healthier than food that was harvested weeks ago somewhere else. St. Croix was once described as the breadbasket of the Caribbean. Today there is still a vital agricultural industry and fresh food is readily available from many local farms.